Update From The Field July 2017: Acquiring energy storage system integrators

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Make the most of our monthly analysis concerning key data and trends in the energy storage industry worldwide.





Executive Summary 2

Table of figures 4

New regulations and initiatives discussed this month 5

Americas 5

Massachusetts joins California, Oregon, and other states with its Energy Storage Target 5

Update on California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP): a rather stagnant Step 2 5

Europe 6

National Grid and the future of balancing services: 6

Asia / Oceania 7

Australian battery energy storage is starting to get serious 7

Projects updates and announcements 7

Overview of the 2017 market for utility-scale projects: large-scale battery announcements are picking up speed 7

Projects commissioned this month 8

Projects announced this month 9

Projects tendered this month 11

Focus of the Month I: Australia’s rapid accumulation of battery energy storage systems and the ever-increasing magnitude of megawatts 12

Tesla and Neoen win South Australian 100 MW battery tender: Reactions and responses 12

Battery affairs across Australia – Battery standards and regulations continue to develop 15

Recent regulatory and safety considerations concerning residential batteries in Australia 16

Focus of the month II: Acquiring energy storage system integrators 17

Introduction 17

Building know-how and a portfolio of energy storage projects takes years 18

Strategic acquisition of energy storage integrators: software, hardware, and know-how 18

An overview of the system integrator space: small players still compete with large players, but for how long? 20

General example of a utility scale energy storage project and cost breakdown by services 21

Cost breakdown for a 10 MW / 11MWh typical utility scale energy storage project 22




Figure 1. SGIP Step 2 Developer caps suggest Tesla, ENGIE, Swell, and Stem are top runners 6

Figure 2. Projects announced and commissioned in 2017 8

Figure 3. Table of largest battery energy storage systems including Australia's planned installations of utility scale batteries 14

Figure 4. Largest battery energy storage system projects and their current status 15

Figure 5. Utility scale energy storage system integrators ranked by their installed and contracted projects (in terms of MW) 17

Figure 6. Major Energy Storage System Integrator evolution timeline 18

Figure 7. Recent acquirements (or mergers) of energy storage software and hardware integrators 20

Figure 8. Major energy storage system integrators as a function of reference portfolio (MW) and recent company turnover (M USD) 21

Figure 9. Cost breakdown for utility scale energy storage project 22

Figure 10. Repartition of energy storage utility-scale project costs ………………………………………….. 23