Update From The Field June 2018: Opportunities arising in Cyprus and Turkey

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary (2)

Table of figures (4)

New regulations and initiatives discussed this month (5)

Americas (5)

Europe (6)

Projects updates and announcements (7)

Overview of the 2018 market for utility-scale energy storage projects (7)

Projects announced or contracted this month (7)

Americas (8)

Europe (8)

Asia (9)

Australia & Oceania (9)

Projects commissioned this month (9)

Americas (9)

Europe (9)

Projects tendered (10)

Focus of the month: Opportunities arising in Cyprus and Turkey(8)

Cyprus: the upcoming liberalization of the ancillary services market will likely benefit energy storage (11)

Electricity supply chain in Cyprus (11)

Electricity mix and renewables ambitions (11)

Frequency regulation In Cyprus (12)

Turkey: a business and regulatory environment becoming more favorable for energy storage (14)

The Turkish electricity sector (14)

Opportunities for energy storage (17)

Table of figures

Figure 1: Utility-scale energy storage projects announced/contracted and commissioned in 2017 and 2018 (ongoing) (7)

Figure 2: Evolution of Cyprus electricity generation capacity (12)

Figure 3: History of the liberalization of the electricity sector in Turkey (14)

Figure 4: Organization of the Turkish electricity sector (15)

Figure 5: Installed generation capacity in Turkey, as of 2017 (16)

Figure 6: Planned renewable generation capacity to be added over the 2018-2023 period (17)

Figure 7: Past remuneration levels of the primary frequency control service (18)

Figure 8: Prices of the primary frequency control in Q2 2018 (19)

Figure 9: Feed-in Tariffs in application in Turkey (20)