Update From The Field March 2018: the market for energy storage in sub-Saharan Africa

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary (2)

Table of figures (4)

New regulations and initiatives discussed this month (5)

Americas (5)

Europe (6)

Asia-Oceania (6)

Projects updates and announcements (7)

Overview of the 2018 market for utility-scale energy storage projects (7)

Projects announced or contracted this month (8)

Americas (8)

Europe (8)

Australia & Oceania (9)

Projects commissioned this month (9)

Americas (9)

Europe (9)

Projects tendered this month (10)

Focus of the month: The market for energy storage in sub-Saharan Africa (11)

Investments are taking place to increase the electrification rate and the reliability of the network, and develop renewable energy sources (11)

Electrification rate, intermittent renewables penetration, and intermittent renewables target (11)

Ranking of the most interesting countries for energy storage deployments in sub-Saharan Africa, based on high-level metrics (14)

Business models for energy storage are diverse, and utility scale energy storage is likely to experience the strongest growth (16)

On-grid utility scale energy storage coupled with renewables (17)

Off-grid microgrids based on PV and storage for rural electrification (18)

PV and Storage for commercial and industrial consumers (20)

Development Financing Institutions (DFIs) are becoming increasingly proactive in the development of energy storage (22)

DFI involvement differs depending on the project size (23)

DFIs are unequally present across the continent (24)

Overview of the actions undertaken by DFIs involving energy storage (26)


Table of figures

Figure 1. Utility-scale energy storage projects announced/contracted and commissioned in 2017 and 2018 (ongoing)  (7)

Figure 2: Current electrification rates and penetration of wind and solar in 2017 in Africa  (12)

Figure 3: PV+Solar deployment targets or renewables penetration targets in a selection of African countries  (13)

Figure 4: Scores of four representative countries of the sub-Saharan Region  (15)

Figure 5: Top 15 countries presenting the highest potential for energy storage deployment, based on the compilation of high level metrics  (15)

Figure 6: Utility-scale projects involving storage in Africa  (17)

Figure 7: Examples of micro-grid project involving storage in Africa  (19)

Figure 8: A shortlist of DFIs present in Africa  (23)

Figure 9: DFIs and utility type for selected African countries  (25)

Figure 10: DFIs fundings toward wind+PV (only considered WB, AFD, and Norfund)  (26)

Figure 11: DFIs having issued a tender including utility scale storage  (27)