Update From The Field March 2019: Utility scale, grid-connected PV-plus-Storage

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Executive Summary (2)

Table of figures (4)

New regulations and initiatives discussed this month (5)

Americas (5)

United States (5)

Europe (6)

United Kingdom (6)

Spain (6)

Projects updates and announcements (7)

Overview of the 2019 market for utility-scale energy storage projects (7)

Projects announced or contracted this month (8)

Projects commissioned this month (9)

Tenders this month (11)

Focus of the month: Utility scale, grid-connected PV-plus-Storage (12)

In the USA, PV-plus-storage development is being pushed at the federal, state, and local levels (13)

Subsidies for PV plus storage are available at the federal and state levels (13)

In certain states, coupling PV and storage is becoming an obligation (16)

Some utilities have already understood the value of coupling PV and storage (17)

PV plus storage deployment outside the US (22)

Some regulatory bodies require developers to couple storage to their PV farms (22)

Merchant based PV plus storage projects outside the US (25)

Business opportunities: Factors influencing the cost of solar plus storage (26)

The landscape of PV-plus-storage projects has considerably evolved over the last few years (26)

Cost of PV plus storage can vary extensively from one location to another (28)




Figure 1: Steady state expected response for future frequency response services in Great Britain (6)

Figure 2: Utility-scale energy storage projects announced/contracted and commissioned in 2018 and 2019 (ongoing) (7)

Figure 3. Announced and operational PV-plus-storage projects per zone (12)

Figure 4. USA Investment Tax Credit Incentive scheme (2017 - 2022) (13)

Figure 5. The SunShot initiative goals (14)

Figure 6. AC-coupled system (20)

Figure 7. DC-coupled system (20)

Figure 8. Efficiency comparison depending on coupling and charging methods (21)

Figure 9: PV plus storage deployments driven by utilities outside the US (22)

Figure 10: Constraints for solar deployment in the French Overseas Territories and in Hokkaido (23)

Figure 11: Bonus provided by the state in the French Overseas Territories and South Korea for PV shifting (24)

Figure 12: PV plus storage projects funded by DFIs (25)

Figure 13: Illustration of merchant-based PV plus storage projects (26)

Figure 14. Evolution of energy costs and sizing of storage systems (27)

Figure 15. LCOE of a typical large-scale PV plus storage project in various geographies (29)