Update From The Field September 2017: Energy storage in the French islands

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Executive Summary 2

New regulations and initiatives discussed this month (5)

Americas (5)

Europe (5)

Asia / Oceania (6)

Projects updates and announcements (7)

Overview of the 2017 market for utility-scale projects (7)

Projects announced this summer (July and August) (7)

Americas (7)

Europe (8)

Australia / Oceania (8)

Middle East (8)

Projects commissioned this summer (July and August) (9)

Tenders this month (9)

Focus of the month: energy storage in the French islands (10)

Introduction (10)

1. A new framework for centralized storage systems (13)

The frequency regulation service and its value to the system (15)

The arbitrage service and its value to the system (16)

2. The latest 50 MW tender for PV plus storage (18)

2016 PV plus storage RFP constraints (18)

Analysis of the results of the 2016 PV plus storage tender (19)

How can PPAs below 100€/MWh lead to a profitable business case? (20)

3. The feed-in-tariff for wind plus storage (22)

The feed in tariff and constraints to be eligible (22)

Why are green field projects only developed now when the tariff is established since 2013? (23)




Figure 1. Projects announced and commissioned in 2017 (7)

Figure 2: French islands and their vertically integrated utilities (also acting as system operators) (10)

Figure 3: Renewables plus storage objectives in the French islands in addition to existing capacity (11)

Figure 4: Current and future thresholds for intermittent renewables curtailment (12)

Figure 5: Methodology of the French regulator to lead the costs benefits analysis of a centralized storage system (14)

Figure 6: Spinning reserve replacement and consequent merit order changes (16)

Figure 7: Arbitrage can cut marginal production costs, illustrated here in Corsica (Source: CRE16) (17)

Figure 8: Example of a production plan sent to the grid operator (18)

Figure 9: Number of projects awarded by developer (19)

Figure 10: Awarded capacity in the 2016 PV plus storage RFP (20)

Figure 11: Typical energy flows for a 1MWp project with a 0.5MW / 0.7MWh battery in La Réunion (21)