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Our energy storage experts bring technical excellence along with an extensive global insight on storage markets.
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Our team of experts

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts constantly monitor and analyze the market to document and comprehend the booming energy storage sector.

If you strive to build the energy networks of the future with an outstanding team of experts, please send us an email at: careers @ cleanhorizon [DOT] com.

Our team of experts

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts constantly monitor and analyze the market to document and comprehend the booming energy storage sector.

If you strive to build the energy networks of the future with an outstanding team of experts, please send us an email.

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Michael SALOMON, Ph.D.

Michael obtained his engineer’s degree at Mines ParisTech in France and his Ph.D. at Stanford in the USA. He witnessed the booming of cleantech venture capital and entrepreneurship while an academic in the Silicon Valley and went on to become a management consultant at McKinsey & Company in Paris.
In 2009, at the dawn of the energy storage industry, he founded Clean Horizon in Paris as a consultancy entirely devoted to energy storage – and continues to successfully advance and thrive in the world of energy storage.


Senior Analyst
Electric power system modeling and studies, Americas

Samuel graduated with a degree in engineering at Ecole Centrale de Lille (France) and in electrical engineering at Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) . Samuel brings extensive analytical knowledge to Clean Horizon, with previous experience including the modeling of a Brazilian distribution grid and the realization of a PV plus storage system implemented on a vehicle.
At Clean Horizon, Samuel develops the technical and economic models supporting the company’s financial and quantitative analyses using the CRE-STORE tool. He also tracks energy storage markets in North and South America.


Corentin BASCHET, MS.c.
Behind-the-meter applications, Europe, Islands

Corentin graduated with a degree in engineering at Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris (France) with an additional master in sustainable energies at the Imperial College in London (England). He worked in anaerobic submarine energy propulsion systems and racing yacht electricity system.
Since joining Clean Horizon, he works as a technical expert to assess the value of energy storage systems for electricity grids. He is responsible for following energy opportunities and regulatory evolutions the UK and Caribbean markets.


Samantha HILLIARD, Ph.D.
Hydrogen and battery technologies, Asia and Oceania

Samantha received her Ph.D. in Paris (France) from the Université de Pierre et Marie Curie with regards to material science on the topic of water splitting photocatalysis for the production of clean hydrogen. She previously worked at Total Energies Nouvelles, realizing techno-economic studies on the production of clean hydrogen by photonic processes and life cycle analyses concerning third generation photovoltaics.
She completed two Master’s degrees in semiconductors device physics from the University of Oregon (USA) as well as nano/microtechnology from Ecole supérieure de Chimie, Physique et Biologie de Bordeaux (France).
At Clean Horizon, Samantha is in charge of hydrogen and power to gas topics and she follows the developing Australian energy storage market.



Serge Kréhi AGBLI, Ph.D.
Power systems Expert

Kréhi Serge Agbli received his Master’s degree in electrical and electronic systems from FHB (Félix Houphouët-Boigny) University (Cote d’Ivoire), and his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Franche-Comté in Belfort (France) in 2012. His main research interests include energy systems, renewable energy for stationary and transportation applications, energy storage systems, energy management strategies, energetic hybridization, and renewable energy-based micro-grids.
He has been involved in several industrial and academic projects which focused on locomotives, automotive, on-shore and off-shore micro-grid-based renewable energy systems. At Clean Horizon, he continues to complete modeling, sizing, and simulation of different energy systems.



Anne-Sophie CHANU, Ms.C.
Office Manager

Anne-Sophie graduated from Télécom et Management SudParis (France) and has over ten years of experience in administrative and financial management in France and abroad.
She is in charge of finance, administration and internal resources.



Naïm El CHAMI, MS.c.

Naïm El Chami is a double degree engineering graduate of CentraleSupélec (France) and Saint Joseph’s University (Lebanon) and obtained his Economics and Management of Network Industries Master’s degree from Université Paris-Dauphine (France). Prior joining Clean Horizon, he accomplished multiple techno-economic studies about behind-the-meter energy storage solutions and vehicle-to-grid systems in the American and French markets. He joined Clean Horizon’s team in September 2018 where he works as an energy storage analyst. He led multiple market studies concerning the strategy and opportunities for energy storage systems in the Middle-East and North Africa, Mexico and Europe.



Jasmine BITAR, MS.c.

Jasmine Bitar graduated from ENSTA-ParisTech (France) in 2017, as an Energy Engineer (MSc Eng.). She also holds a Master’s degree in Energy Economics (MSc), from IFP School and Paris-Saclay University. During her previous experiences, she worked on a Power-to-Gas research project at the Novosibirsk State University and carried out Environmental Impact Assessment studies, notably of electricity production systems. Jasmine speaks English, French and Spanish, as well as elementary Russian.
She joined Clean Horizon as an Energy Storage analyst in January 2019, and works on modelling, sizing and feasibility studies of energy storage systems, as well as market studies for energy storage in Europe.