2-in-1 Training Webinar Sessions - Energy Storage - June 2023

600 €

Clean Horizon Consulting will host 2 webinar training sessions on Energy storage in June 2023


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Two online sessions:

June 20th,  2:00 PM – 5:00 PM CEST: Introduction to energy storage

This introductory session to energy storage is a great introduction the energy storage markets worldwide, taking a look at the broader picture from an international perspective.

June 22nd,  2:00 PM – 5:00 PM CEST: Business models and revenue streams in Europe

This second session covers the market structure in Europe and its benefits for energy storage, as well as the market developments for storage to provide a variety of services across the electricity supply chain (generation, transmission, distribution).

What’s included?

  • Two 3-hour live webinars
  • Q&A
  • Training slides

Who should attend?

Any stakeholder interested in understanding the energy storage markets and the different technologies available.






Session 1 - Introduction to energy storage markets

 Introduction to the storage markets worldwide

 Brief overview of energy storage technologies

 Energy storage leaderboard

 Main applications of utility-scale energy storage

Lithium-ion: what to expect for the next decade ?

● Breakdown of the turn-key battery storage system cost

● NMC vs LFP, what is at stake

● The fire risk explained

● Recycling & repurposing

Global market trends:

● Choosing between AC- and DC- coupling

● Aggregation: a must-have for storage


Session 2 - Business models and revenue streams for energy storage in Europe in 2023

 Introduction to the European storage markets

● Overview of the installed capacity per country

Capacity markets

● Why do we need capacity payments ?

● The strike price model VS the availability model

● Example of the French long-term capacity auction

Frequency Containment Reserve

● The FCR cooperation

● FCR price : where will the decline end ?

Fast frequency control services

● The growing need for fast frequency control

● Example of the Dynamic Containment, Great Britain’s most lucrative ancillary service

Secondary reserve markets

● The PICASSO cooperation project

● How to generate revenue with storage assets on the aFRR

● Example of Belgium: energy storage takes advantage of Elia’s new aFRR format


● Mapping of the major opportunities for storage in Europe

● A quantitative forecast of the storage landscape in 2025