Update From the Field - October 2020: How Chile paves the way for a new era of large-scale energy storage in Latin America

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Executive summary (2)

New regulations and initiatives discussed this month (5)

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Project updates and announcements (8)

Overview of the 2020 market for utility-scale energy storage projects (8)

Projects announced or contracted this month (8)

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Focus of the month: How Chile paves the way for a new era of large-scale energy storage in Latin America (13)

Introduction (13)

The Chilean power system: the transformation of a challenging power network towards a cleaner electricity supply (13)

Recent regulatory changes are expected to open new revenue streams for energy storage (17)

The limited size of the Chilean market accentuates the first-come, first-served principle for storage developers (19)




Figure 1. Results of the first 15 days of the Dynamic Containment auction in Great Britain (6)

Figure 2. Volume of Dynamic Containment procured in October (target: 500 MW) (7)

Figure 3. Utility-scale energy storage projects announced/contracted and commissioned in 2019 and 2020 (ongoing) (8)

Figure 4. Illustrative representation of the RINGO project (10)

Figure 5. Main actors of the Chilean power system (13)

Figure 6. Average daily nodal cost for different substations for September 2020 (14)

Figure 7. Electricity production per sector in Chile (2019) (15)

Figure 8. Long-term generation & demand forecast by the Ministry of Energy (15)

Figure 9. Map of utility-scale energy storage projects in Chile (16)

Figure 10. Frequency Control services in Chile (18)

Figure 11. Timeline for a battery storage project development in Chile (20)





Table 1. Aggregators or developers awarded bids in the DC auction (6)