Update From the Field - September 2020: Evolution of battery storage system costs and associated O&M services

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Executive summary (2)

New regulations and initiatives discussed this month (5)

Americas (5)

United States (5)

Europe (5)

United Kingdom (5)

France (5)

Portugal (6)

Project updates and announcements (7)

Overview of the 2020 market for utility-scale energy storage projects (7)

Projects announced or contracted this month (8)

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Projects commissioned this month (10)

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Tenders this month (11)

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Focus of the month: Evolution of battery storage system costs and associated O&M services (13)

Evolution and indicative value of battery capital expenditure (13)

Existing operation and maintenance offers and corresponding prices (15)

 Evolution of batteries performances (availability, efficiency and degradation) (17)




Figure 1: 2020 Portugal solar auction awarded companies per volume of capacity (6)

Figure 2. Utility-scale energy storage projects announced/contracted and commissioned in 2019 and 2020 (ongoing) (7)

Figure 3 Evolution of CAPEX of battery storage solution depending on COD and discharge duration (13)

Figure 4 Dependence of CAPEX on discharge duration of a battery energy storage system (14)

Figure 5: Dependence of CAPEX on rated power for a 4-hour discharge duration battery COD 2022 (14)

Figure 6 Average and range of OPEX for low, medium and high level O&M contract (16)

Figure 7 Evolution of average efficiency of a battery energy storage system (17)




Table 1: Example of remuneration points (19)

Table 2: Example of assessment points (20)

Table 4: Solar curtailment rate in Qinghai (Source: National Energy Administration) (24)

Table 5: Electricity prices for industry in Jiangsu (28)

Table 6: Price difference in supply tariff between peak a valley for industrial customers in

Jiangsu (29)

Table 7: Electricity bill reduction revenues of a battery by charging during valley hours and

discharging during peak hours (29)