Technical Consulting

Clean Horizon has several experiences and references in system-wide integrated resource planning with actors, as well as storage system sizing, and due diligence as part of its technical consulting expertise.
Our experts focus on identifying the benefit of energy storage and computing the economics for grid reinforcement through energy storage (often in a context of an increasing penetration of renewables). Our experts identify the optimal sizing of energy storage systems in several contexts - tenders, hybrid and renewable systems, and off-grid microgrids using second-life batteries. Clean Horizon has considerable experience as technical advisors in storage projects as well as performing techno-economic studies and due diligence.

Grid impact study for renewable penetration for the Republic of Mauritius
Location: Mauritius

This project consisted of supporting an Integrated Resource Plan process for the island country of Mauritius with a focus on identifying the necessity for energy storage as well as computing the economic benefits for grid reinforcement via energy storage with increasing penetration of renewables.

Clean Horizon reviewed of the generation system and its planned evolution over a 10-year period including:

  • Assessment of the battery energy to power ratio necessary to provide frequency regulation
  • Evaluation of the revenues available when using batteries to provide frequency regulation instead of conventional generation based on:
  • modelling of the generation system
  • simulation of the dispatch under various battery sizing scenarios
  • Cost benefit analysis of the energy storage system and identification of the optimal energy storage configuration to install

Design of the storage component for the power generation fleet of a large off-grid mine
Location: Africa

The project proposed an alternative energy solution for a large off-grid mining client in terms of energy generation by upgrading the existing fleet of diesel engines with PV and storage. The lowest Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) design was proposed in addition to other alternative power solutions deemed acceptable to the client. Following this feasibility study, the client contracted Clean Horizon as a procurement manager to procure the microgrid storage equipment.

Clean Horizon simulated and sized the combination of diesel + PV plant + battery storage system that ensure the IPP could deliver the lowest LCOE to the client (CRE-STORE tool). As a procurement manager, Clean Horizon:

  • Wrote-up the Request For Proposal
  • Shortlisted vendors
  • Administrated the tender process
  • Supported the Client in comparing and (re)negotiating offers

Due diligence on a renewable + storage project
Location: French Caribbean Island

An Independent Power Producer (IPP) had won multiple tenders to build MW-level renewable + storage plants on French islands and was seeking to finance projects with a large debt component. Clean Horizon Consulting was contracted as a technical advisor to perform a techno-economic due diligence to ensure these projects were economically and technically viable and received proper financing.

Clean Horizon worked along with an external technical advisor (for the renewable component), such to suggest a “P90 renewable + storage” project. More specifically, Clean Horizon analyzed the losses incurred in adhering to specific rules regarding the tariff in place for the project, those due to the storage and to the Energy Management System, as well as the inherent contractual risk in the provision of the storage systems. At the end of its Due Diligence, Clean Horizon was included in the reliance letter addressed to the bank seeking financing for the projects.

Market Analysis

One of the main expertise of Clean Horizon is identifying market potential for energy storage as well as performing stakeholder and competition analyses. Clean Horizon has provided studies and market analysis and pricing on primary frequency control and grid services in various regions to various types of clients (utilities, IPPS, system operators) as well as the associated detailed important aspects for contracting regulation services provision with batteries. Beyond this, with its large-scale energy storage database CHESS, Clean Horizon assists actors in identifying synergetic partners, acquisitions, and actor competition analyses to increase success with energy storage projects.

Delivering a market study
Geographical focus: Great Britain

A customized market study concerning energy storage was completed for Great Britain to address the market and potential bidding strategies as well as current and future business cases for storage behind the meter (both for C&I and residential customers).

A customized market study concerning energy storage was completed for Great Britain to address the market and potential bidding strategies as well as current and future business cases for storage behind the meter (both for C&I and residential customers).

Clean Horizon analyzed and presented Great Britain’s energy market, key players, regulations, and outlook; thus, identifying the main revenue streams for energy storage assets and details on emerging business cases – such as:

  • Providing frequency regulation services
  • Increasing residential solar self-consumption
  • Reducing the transmission and distribution network charges for C&I customers
  • The capacity market
  • The balancing mechanism
  • As well as revenue stream stacking

Benchmarking the Compressed Air Energy Storage solution
Geographical focus: World

This project identified the attractiveness and appropriate applications for a Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) solution in comparison to other energy storage solutions already existing worldwide.

Clean Horizon identified the most appropriate application and location for which the CAES technology was most competitive along with a business model study to quantify the competitive advantage of this technology. In addition to this techno-economic analysis, Clean Horizon proposed suggestions and other alternative project details – ultimately benefiting the overall business model.

Developing hybrid microgrid solutions
Geographical focus: Developing nations

This study focus was to develop a renewable + storage based containerized microgrid solution using second-life vehicle components to be deployed in regions with little or no access to electricity.

Clean Horizon assessed the technical characteristics required for several different containerized solutions and the feasibility of coupling with other energy storage assets. Clean Horizon defined several typical business cases and sizing of systems corresponding to these solutions along for varying electric load profiles. Once the best business case and solution was identified, Clean Horizon provided a top-down assessment of the market potential for such solution and an overview of current and upcoming incentives which could support these business cases.