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Webinar "Learn the right procurement strategies to take advantage of falling Li-ion battery equipment costs"
Calendar June 13, 2024

This webinar will feature a presentation on the recent evolution of lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery prices and the various procurement strategies available. It will also include a discussion on which strategies are more adequate for which project, in order to minimise costs and maximise performance.

Clean Horizon, an energy storage consultancy that supports developers and investors in the procurement of energy storage solutions, will share views on the current trends in equipment prices and technological advances observed, as well as on the procurement strategies that can be applied in order to achieve lowest costs with acceptable performances and minimum effort. In terms of evolution of Li-ion battery prices, Clean Horizon will present the recent downward evolution of system prices, as well as detail the record low prices offered by suppliers over the last months.

Based on the current situation, Clean Horizon will share its view on the possible evolution of battery prices for next year. This downward trend is also pushed by the evolution of equipment design and especially the increase in the energy density of off-the-shelf solutions. Clean Horizon will detail the latest trends, the associated observed performances, and the impact such changes are having on project profitability.

Clean Horizon will then present the current procurement strategies and their advantages and drawbacks in the current context of low battery costs. In particular, Clean Horizon will detail the different types of contracts and allotments, such as EPC turnkey contracts, separation of the battery system and balance of plant (BOP), separation of battery from the integrator’s scope of supply, separation of the main transformer from the scope of supply, and more.

We will also consider the impact of such procurement strategies and contract types on project costs, lead times and interface risks. Clean Horizon will also present industry trends on which procurement strategies are more frequently used and why.

Join us on June 25th, 2024, at 2:00 PM (CEST) to gain valuable insights and engage with Clean Horizon experts Samuel Portebos, Naim El Chami, and Salomé Perperot.  Andy Colthorpe will moderate the webinar.

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