Clean Horizon helps its clients monetize energy storage.

The growing penetration of renewable energy has brought uncertainty and intermittence to the electricity landscape: the need for a buffer to stabilize such intermittency is becoming pressing.

Energy storage is an emerging solution to address this issue, along with demand response, ancillary services re-design or grid reinforcement.

News from Clean Horizon

Energy storage news – Feburary 16th, 2018

This week’s TOP 5 includes the development of a 100 MW / 380 MWh project by Total Eren in Autralia, a 50 MW projects in Arizona, Three batteries of 12 MW / 24 MWh each to be installed by French TSO in mainland France, Florida Power and Light announcing the commission...

CleanHorizon @CleanHorizon
Clean Horizon  @CleanHorizon
South Australian Labor government has said it will increase its renewable energy target to 75% by 2025 and implemen… 
Clean Horizon  @CleanHorizon
.@EnelGroup Green Power and wind developer @ENERTRAG are developing a 22 MW #battery project in Germany… 
Clean Horizon  @CleanHorizon
RT @energystoragenw:UK aggregator Kiwi Power completes 4.8MWh battery in South Wales #energystorage 

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