Clean Horizon helps its clients monetize energy storage.

The growing penetration of renewable energy has brought uncertainty and intermittence to the electricity landscape: the need for a buffer to stabilize such intermittency is becoming pressing.

Energy storage is an emerging solution to address this issue, along with demand response, ancillary services re-design or grid reinforcement.

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Energy Storage News – October 13th, 2017

This week’s TOP 5 includes the completion of E.on’s 10 MW “EFR” project in the UK, a 37 MW wind plus storage project in Ireland, Elon Musk saying he can rebuild the Porto Rican power system with PV and batteries, the launch of Renault Energy Services by Renault and a...

The Caribbean: how to unlock the 1 GW potential for storage?

Even though the applications for energy storage systems are replicable throughout the region, there are as many frameworks, tariffs and contexts for storage as there are islands. Our new Market Segment Watch - Caribbean unveils the potential for energy storage with:...

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Clean Horizon  @CleanHorizon
Tabuchi Electric America Donates #Solar + #EnergyStorage Solutions to Help Puerto Rico #Irma #Maria 

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