Our scope of work for energy storage

From design to commissioning, including procurement, due diligence and profitability monitoring, Clean Horizon’s value added is our capability to use the same methods at the design phase and during operation, maximizing investor’s confidence

Supporting Projects
Market Analysis

We assist project developers, technology providers, integrators, and EPCs in understanding the main value streams for energy storage along with identifying the geographies that offer the best business case for energy storage

Introduction to energy storage markets
  • Overview of technologies
  • Global lessons learned and market trends
  • Raw material price, battery degradation, fire risk
  • Recycling and repurposing,
  • Long duration storage
Economic & Regulatory analysis
  • Overview of specific power markets, installed capacity per country, market size forecast
  • Revenues accessible for storage
  • Help understand and shape regulations
Business plan optimization
  • Market analysis, revenue stream analysis in different regions
  • Battery storage optimal sizing, replacement and augmentation strategies
  • Development of optimal storage trading strategy on the markets to build the revenue stack
  • Building the business case for storage systems
Competitive analysis
  • Technology, technical & economic analysis
  • Competitive landscape
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COSMOS, Clean Horizon Optimal Simulation of Market Operations for Storage, is a simulation tool for project sizing, performance analysis and optimization

In particular, COSMOS tool allows :
dashed line

To determine optimal sizing for different configurations for the storage system

dashed line

To calculate the cashflows, NPV and IRR

dashed line

To easily generate sensitivity analyses

dashed line

To optimize dispatch and to find an optimum scenario

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Price Forecast

Clean Horizon provides electricity and ancillary services price forecasts for building a reliable business model for energy storage projects. This service includes:

Overview of the market for energy storage:

  • Evolution of the energy storage market & key players
  • Revenue streams: future opportunities and risks

Results for 3 scenarios of the price forecast for energy and ancillary services within the granularity corresponding to each market.

Starting from Q4 2023, our price forecasts for France and Germany include revenues associated with the continuous intraday market

Revenue stack and business model obtained with optimization tool COSMOS

Results of simulation for sample projects (1h, 2h, 3h, 4h batteries)

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Technical Consulting

Clean Horizon provides owners’ engineering services for energy storage projects starting from project sizing and initial design, optimizing the storage configurations, to the procurement support, contract negotiation, audit and commissioning.


To date, we have designed/audited over 10GWh of energy storage projects, the majority of which are operational.

Feasibility studies
  • Site and environmental constraints analysis
  • Feasibility of access to grid connection
  • Available land and suitability to BESS installation
  • Power system studies
Development support
  • Permitting documentation
  • Grid connection authorizations
  • Environmental authorization
  • Management of fire risk
Supplier selection and contract negotiation
  • Drafting and administering RFP
  • Communication with suppliers
  • Contract negotiation
BESS site commissioning and auditing
  • Construction site audit
  • Test protocols
  • Review of Factory and
  • Site Acceptance tests
  • Support to taking over
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Profitability Monitoring

Monitoring the activity of the Route to Market operator

This service ensures a better visibility of your
interactions with the Route to Market

It allows to provide a quantitative audit of its performances

The results serves as a basis for discussing billing with your Route to Market operator

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