General terms
Terms of use


The terms of use of define the conditions in which,
– on the one hand, Clean Horizon Consulting hereafter called « the WEBSITE EDITOR », provides its users with the site, and the services available on the site and,
– on the other hand, the way in which the users access the site and use its services.
Any connection to the site is subject to the respect of these conditions.
The user acknowledges that he/she is fully aware that his/her agreement to the content of these general terms of use does not require a handwritten signature, but results from his/her sole online acceptance. The simple access to the website at the following URL address https//, hereafter designed as « the WEBSITE » implies the online acceptance of all the conditions described hereafter.
The user declares that he/she has the full legal capacity to commit himself/herself under these terms of use.


Each of the expressions mentioned below shall have the meaning given in its definition, namely :
– « database » : a set of data organised for use by programs corresponding to distinct applications, so as to facilitate the evolution and independent use of the data by electronic or telecommunication means of the programs, including the electronic elements necessary for the operation of the database, such as the thesaurus, the indexing and consultation system of the database; the databases accessible via the client area, under the conditions of this contract, are subject to the stipulations of the “property” clause of this contract;

– « client » : any company which bought an online product through one of its employee or which subscribed to an online service of the WEBSITE and is thus authorised by his/her firm to access the client area of the WEBSITE

– « document » : any document accessible within the WEBSITE

– « client file » : a document or set of documents constituting a complete element accessible within the client area

– « client area »: an intranet-type environment accessible exclusively via the internet only to users authorised by the client and dedicated to access client files according to the online product brought or online services subscribed by

– « Id »: the professional email of the user intended to identify him/her with regard to the operations he carries out on the client area. The user is solely responsible for the confidentiality, safekeeping and use of his Id

– « password »: authentication code allowing the client to access the client area. When the client accesses the client area for the first time, a temporary password designed and generated by the firm is assigned to the client. The client chooses the final password in accordance with the procedure defined by the firm. The use of the password is necessary for the authentication of the client. The client is solely responsible for the confidentiality, safekeeping and use of the password.