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Energy storage news - January 17th, 2020
20 Jan 2020 | Top 5

This week’s TOP 5 includes the selection of NEC to provide two 50-MW battery storage projects in Northern Ireland, the commissioning of more than 5.6 MWh of ADB-backed energy storage across the Maldives, India’s intention to install 4 MW of solar PV systems with 2MW/1MWh of storage at one of its dams, Abu Dhabi’s $105 million grant that benefited solar and storage projects and the Portuguese government’s plans to include a storage component into its upcoming PV auction.

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Energy Storage news - January 10th, 2020
13 Jan 2020 | Top 5

This week’s TOP 5 includes a 280 MW battery to be built near Las Vegas, an 11 MW project in Ireland, a 39.2 Million euros project transaction, the state of Maryland considering a new compensation for storage and the DOE awarding a $3 million grant for R&D to Eaton.

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Energy Storage news - December 20th, 2019
30 Dec 2019 | Top 5

This week’s TOP 5 includes plans for the first US long-duration liquid air storage project, the acquisition of 50 MW of operational storage by Gresham House Energy Storage for £29.2 million, GlidePath’s replacement of a gas peaker project with a 20MW/80MWh battery storage system in New York, Gridserve’s start of operations at the UK’s 'most advanced solar farm’ and the issuance of the U.S. Energy Storage Operational Safety Guidelines by the Energy Storage Association.

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Variable renewable energy summit,Tbilisi - Georgia, November 25th-26th 2019
16 Dec 2019 | Conference Briefs

This conference was organized by USAID to foster renewable energy deployments in Georgia. The country is on the verge of adopting a policy to favour solar and wind deployment in order to diversify its electricity generation portfolio : Georgia has 80% of its electricity generated from hydro and the rest comes from gas.

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Energy Storage news - December 13th, 2019
16 Dec 2019 | Top 5

This week’s TOP 5 covers the European Commission’s authorization for a multi-billion aid for the “Airbus of batteries”, the replacement of an Alaskan gas peaker by a 2-hour 46.5-MW Tesla system, the commissioning of Infigen’s Lake Bonney 20MW/52MWh battery project in South Australia, Enel X’s start of operations at New York City’s largest storage system and BlackRock’s closing of $1 billion out of a record $2.5 billion fund it dedicated to solar, wind and energy storage less than six months ago.

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Energy Storage news - December 6th, 2019
09 Dec 2019 | Press Releases

This week’s TOP 5 covers Nevada’s 1-GW energy storage by 2030 goal and the approval of NVEnergy’s Integrated Resource Plan that will bring 1.19 GW of solar and 590 MW of energy storage, the selection of El Sewedy Electric to build a 20MW/35MWh solar-plus-storage project in South Sudan, the appointment of Wärtsilä for the delivery of a 17MW/15MWh battery storage system at Mali’s Fekola gold mine, the collaboration between FRV and Harmony Energy for a 15 MWh battery storage project in the United Kingdom and Alfen’s contracting for the coupling of a 10MW/10MWh Li-ion storage system to a Dutch Uniper power plant.

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