Technical consulting

We provide detailed technic-economic analyses for project developers, investors, lenders as well as utilities.

Technical consulting.

Since 2014, our dedicated CRE-STORE tool has enabled optimal sizing at the project level and technical due diligence of energy storage projects for independent power producers and investors.
Clean Horizon also offers technical services at the grid level, especially in the context of large island nations turning to renewables worldwide and looking to storage as a mean to stabilize thier grid.

Our CRE-STORE tool

Clean Horizon has developed and kept improving CRE-STORE, a “desktop version” of an EMS (Energy Management System), to be used for simulations and sizing of storage projects. CRE-STORE can be resorted to as a service, or sold as a completely open code (developed in Matlab).

Project sizing and due diligence

Building on our capability to size energy storage, we support the complete process of energy storage project development. We thus assist project developers in optimizing their storage configurations, write up and administer RFPs as well as support due diligence for investors.

Grid impact studies

Working with island utilities, governments and Development Finance Institutions, Clean Horizon supports long-term planning by assessing the impact of energy storage on renewable integration and grid stability.

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