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Energy storage news - October 12th, 2018
16 Oct 2018 | Top 5

This week’s TOP 5 includes over 1 GWh of energy storage to be deployed together with solar in Hawaii, 50 MW of storage to be deployed in the French overseas territories, the new start of Alevo, New York making 40 M$ available to support solar plus storage projects, and a 10 MW solar plus storage project in Siberia.
Energy storage news - October 5th, 2018
09 Oct 2018 | Top 5

This week’s TOP 5 includes the second phase of the partnership between Fluence and UL Power Reserve, plans by the New York Power Authority to deploy a 20 MW battery system, Johnson Control and ConEdison forming an energy storage joint venture, a 1 MW battery system deployed by EDP in Romania, and Rolls-Royce investing in Qinous.
Energy storage news - September 28th, 2018
01 Oct 2018 | Top 5

This week’s TOP 5 includes a 1 billion USD program to deploy energy storage in developing countries by the World Bank, a plan by Renault to deploy over 60 MWh of second life batteries in France and Germany, the commissioning of a 3 MW / 6 MWh energy storage system by Engie NA in Massachusetts, a project combining wind, solar and batteries in Mongolia and a 1 MW / 4 MWh vanadium flow battery to be deployed in South Korea by Protean Energy.
Energy storage news - September 21th, 2018
29 Sep 2018 | Top 5

This week’s TOP 5 includes the DOE announcing R&D grants, a 6.5MWh project announced in Antigua, a UK a vanadium flow battery starting operation in Massachussetts, a UK fund buying 19MW of projects, juwi to build a 600kWh in an Australian island.
Energy storage news - September 14th, 2018
28 Sep 2018 | Top 5

This week’s TOP 5 includes Ireland preparing to procure 140 MW of assets for its DS3 programme, RES inaugurating its Broxburn battery in Scotland, Anesco installing a behind the meter C&I battery, Connected Energy and Argonaut using second life batteries to respond to C&I energy storage needs, and the Australian Energy Market Operator seeking to establish a register and potential participation of distributed energy resources to better manage the National Electricity Market.
Energy storage news - September 7th, 2018
09 Sep 2018 | Top 5

This week’s TOP 5 includes 373 MW of energy storage projects authorized by the Irish Systems Operators, residential storage overtaking front-of-the-meter storage in the USA, a partnership between Swell Energy and Autogrid in California, a 5 MW Virtual Power Plant in Victoria, Australia receiving financing, and a 500 kW energy storage system installed by Stem at a commercial site in California.